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Active Wear is here to stay. Women are looking more and more fashionable and on trend wearing their performance wear with their Fa’Shae sweater. What fun! What style! But best of all, there are no rules – you can rock your active wear all day!

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The fashion world has opened up the trend for wearing active wear. The boom has taken over for more women to wear workout gear. No matter if you are on the school run, in line for your favorite coffee, meeting friends for lunch, or even for drinks, performance wear has become everyday wear. Even if you haven’t worked out, your active wear look is in style. The Fa’shae sweater is as important to the active wear look as your sneakers. Pick one key accessory to finish your active wear look, the Fa’Shae sweater! The Fa’Shae sweater is made of 100% cotton knitted in the U.S.A.

FaShae - Active Wear - Natural

Fabric: Cotton Blend | Color: Natural

Some women like to wear a shirt tied around their waist thinking how they can wear this look from active wear to street wear. Well you can with the Fa’Shae sweater that fits perfectly around your waist without the extra bulk, or over your shoulders. You can even wear it as a scarf completing the active wear look with a touch of fashion.

Fa'Shae | Active Wear | Coral

Fabric: Couture Yarn | Color: Coral

If you ‘re a fan of Fabletics, or lululemon performance gear, you will be a fan of the Fa’Shae 100% cotton sweater to complete those outfits. Top New York designers have showcased the active wear style with one item that showcases the whole outfit. That’s the Fa’Shae sweater, which you can wear all day – running, drinking coffee, working, or whatever you have to do – the Fa’Shae sweater is the accessory item that will fit with your favorite active wear look!

Fa'Shae | Active Wear | Buttercup

Fabric: Cotton Blend | Color: Buttercup

The sweater has been designed for today’s active women that are looking for comfort and style when they get ready for the day. Order your Fa’Shae sweater today! Remember, when in doubt, stick to natural colors.

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