Fashion Trends

Plaid shirts are back. So is Gilmore Girls. They have set the trends for fashion. What they need for their full fashion trends look is the Fa’Shae sweater.

| Fashion Trends | Fa'Shae | Chicago - New York - Nashville |

The Fa’Shae sweater has been part of the hit show Desperate House Wives, and is now making it’s way to be one of the hottest fashion trends in history, matched up with plaid shirts. No matter where you go, from Europe to the streets of the Gilmore Girls home town, you will see the hottest trends – plaid shirts tied around the waist. Well now it’s the Fa’Shae sweater that can be worn around your waist, or over your shoulder – either way, you will be part of the hottest fashion trends.

Fashion Trends | Fa'Shae | Chicago - New York - Nashville |

Fabric: Couture Yarn | Color: Coral

The essential fashion trends this season are the denim jacket (The GAP), trench coat (a Burberry must), ribbed turtle neck (Top Shop), school boy blazer (Target), black sole heels (Aldo), great sun glasses (Sun Glass Hunt), gold chain (Banana Republic), weekend bag, plaid shirt (The GAP), and the Fa’Shae sweater in natural. Let’s not forget the white sneakers, great jeans, mid length skirt, and a silk blouse that all can be worn with your Fa’Shae sweater.

| Fashion Trends | Fa'Shae | Chicago - New York - Nashville |

As you travel through the world of shopping via the internet you will find the hottest fashion trends at your figure tips as well as the Fa’Shae sweater. It fits perfectly around your waist, or over your shoulders – the must have accessory. No matter if you are taking a weekend trip or traveling for business you will want to fill your travel bag with today’s fashion trends and the Fa’Shae sweater. By day, the sweater will be matched with your school boy blazer and dress pants – or in the evening over your little black dress. Either way, you are on trend. As the newest fashion trends have traveled from city to city, and country to country – the Fa’Shae sweater should be the first thing you pack. When in doubt, stick to natural colors.

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