Fa’Shae Sweater


Enjoy the feel and comfort of the Fa’Shae Sweater, “the jewel of your wardrobe”. Fa’Shae Sweaters are knitted in the USA and are available in couture yarn or cotton blend.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL! The Fa’Shae sweater is worn over the shoulders and around the waist, not on the body – that’s why it fits all sizes!



Couture Yarn

The couture yarn is made of nylon and spring wool knitted in the most precious knitting mill in the U.S known for its high quality yarns. This yarn is used by top designers that are known for their elegant high fashion knits that retail for $1500.00 or more in top fashion outlets all over the world. The Fa’Shae sweater is knitted in the most experienced factory in New York who’s technicians understand the nature of this yarn. Each sweater is knitted to your order with the proper care so each piece always matches Fa’Shae’s high standard for quality. With proper care, this sweater only gets better when hand washed or lightly machine washed, laid flat. The New York Run Way not only features the coral color for spring with the sweater tied around the waist but features the lilac, and light apple green sweater. The Fa’Shae sweater will heighten your wardrobe no matter how you wear it – jeans, to dresses, to fun after your workout you will always be in fashion wearing the Fa’Shae couture yarn sweater.

Cotton Blend

Our new Fa’Shae Sweater is knitted from 100% American Made Combed Cotton. Its knitted in New York’s finest knitting factory. The factory employs technicians with years of experiences. Each piece is knitted using knitting machines that are very complex with accurate measurements to make sure each panel is knitted to the correct size. Each sweater is then dyed separately to maintain quality not like cheaper imports that dye in bulk.

Since each sweater is dyed for every order there may be a color difference of 5% up or down compared to the color sample on line. Fa’Shae strives for quality, since each sweater is made especially for each customer.

The back and front plane measure 15″ wide with three cables on one side. The sweater is full recoverable so you can wear it either on the cable side or the basic knit side.

The sweater has been designed for the over the shoulder look or the new high fashion runway look “AROUND THE WAIST”. Fa’Shae has patented this design to fit your waist line. The Fa’Shae sweater is an investment piece that will enhance your wardrobe from casual to dressy, wear it anywhere always sporting the hot fashion look for every New York Run Way Show.