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Our original 100% Cotton accessory sweater will become the "Jewel of your wardrobe".

The Fa'Shae Sweater is knitted from 100% American made combed cotton in New York's finest knitting factory. Fa'Shae strives for quality, since each sweater is made especially for each customer. The back and front plane measure 15" wide with three cables on one side. The sweater is full recoverable so you can wear it either on the cable side or the basic knit side. The sweater, which will be one of your go-to fashion accessories, has been designed for the over the shoulder look or the new high fashion street wear look “AROUND THE WAIST”. Fa'Shae has patented this design to fit your waist line. Today it’s all about street fashion, and the Fa'Shae sweater is one of your must-have fashion accessories!